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Help out a newcomer :D with touch screen monitor

  • Hi There,

    I recently got a touchscreen monitor for a very cheap price, I was thinking what to make of it and let’s say, I am not here cos I didn’t find a project 😛

    So yes, I am going to make my own smart mirror. FYI I will be using a Iiyama prolite t2252mts-b3 (touchscreen monitor) and a rasberry Pi 3b+. I may add a camera to it and mic, but that’s something for later perhaps.

    Anyway, here are the questions, looking at other makes I often see that the glass 2 way mirror is sharper. I am wondering whether this is true, I would like the sharpest outcome with the monitor that I use (1080P). Also does anyone know whether the touchscreen will still be functional under glass?

    Would you recommend making a 22 - 23’’ mirror or a full body sized one? Keeping in mind that I have another monitor laying around (not touch screen) that I could fit in there as well.

    Perhaps you also have any tips, tricks or ideas for me as I am new to this. Any help is welcome!

    Thanks in advance for the help I may get.

    Enjoy your day 😉


  • Module Developer

    will not work under mirrorglass.

  • @Sean Thanks for the quick reply! If glass is not an option, what would then be recommended? Would it also still be possible to make a full sized mirror without using glass? In case Is choose that option.

    Thx for the help! I’ts much appreciated.

  • If you want to use the touchscreen, you would have to apply one way mirror vinyl directly to the monitor screen and put that in a frame.

  • Module Developer

    There be any-sized touch frames with various mechanism.
    SAW touch frame could be one of them. (Or other mechanism you can find. google touch screen panel)
    Apply this on your mirror glass, then you can use touch on mirror surface.
    The only problem is, you should remove your original touch system from your screen. it will not work under the mirror glass.

  • Hi Frits,
    Curious to know what option you went for if any as I am in the same position and by co-incidence bought the same touchscreen monitor. Did you try the one-way mirror vinyl or are you looking at overlay frame?


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