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Dreambox / Vu + timer list for MagicMirror.

  • Hi everybody, I’m looking for someone who creates a module to display the created timers on the Dreambox / Vu + PVR on the mirror. The data of the timers can be retrieved from the box in .xlm format. The timers should be displayed in a table on the mirror. Just ask for more information. Can somebody help me with it?

  • Module Developer

    I created a dreambox module for streaming to MM and play recordings at MM. Try my module MMM-Dreambox.
    If you like you can fork and modify it to your needs.


  • Hello AxLED,
    Thanks for your offer, I know your module and have already installed it on my 2nd mirror. For streaming your module is great, but I use the mirrors only for news / status messages and not for the entertainment. Through your module, I first came up with the idea that you could view the timer list on MagicMirror. I have already shown the Timer Webif with iFrame, only the view is not very nice, it just does not look professional. I’m an absolute beginner in programming Python.

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