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MMM-Screencast do not work with Pifiberry DAC+

  • I installed the module “MMM-Screencast” and tested it with the jack output of the Raspberry Pi3b +. It works perfectly.

    Now the sound is very bad, so I installed the Pifiberry DAC +.

    Only change:
    under /boot/config.txt the line

    dtparam = audio = on

    commented out and
    dtoverlay = hifiberry-dacplus

    Now a file
    created with the following content:

    pcm.! default {
    type hw card 0
    ctl! default
    type hw card 0

    Then a restart. now the sound comes over the pifiberry. Everything works fine with the Spotify module. But MMM-Screencast is no longer playing Youtube videos: ((

    Does one have an idea why it could be? or an alternative to stream Youtube videos ???

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