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Capacitive touch mirror

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    Hi, the question has been up before,
    So, the touch films/foils available usually doesn’t work with the mirrors out there.

    But by accident I noticed that Displax actually sells two way mirrors with a built in touch-layer.

    I have no pricing but they probably aren’t cheap.

    But atleast there is an option out there.

  • Module Developer

    I’ve found this in gallery of that site.
    Is it available MagicWindow Instead MagicMirror? ^^;

  • Hi there @broberg and @Sean , I’m Pedro, the Marketing Manager at DISPLAX.

    We’ve received some contact forms that were referred from the Magic Mirror Forum.

    First of all, thanks for referring us!

    Second, DISPLAX provides customised touch foils for any size that you choose (even strange ones), so adapting our touch sensors to any of your mirrors will be a piece of cake.

    We have appropriate mirror glass that is non-conductive, which is requirement for the PCAP technology.

    If you feel that you required more information, feel free to contact


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