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Public Transportation Module Munich, Germany

  • Hey all,
    I have been using MMM-mvgmunich on my mirror but since a couple of days the cool module is not working anymore. Do you have an idea which similar working module I could use to show public transportation times in Munich, Germany? Thanks!

    Hallo alle,
    ich habe auf meinem Spiegel MMM-mvgmunich integriert, aber leider funktioniert das Modul seit einigen Tagen nicht mehr. Kennt jemand Alternativen, wie ich mir die Abfahrtszeiten der MVG München anzeigen lassen kann? Danke!

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    I use the mvgmunich modul from
    It works perfect. Do you use the same modul?
    Maybe it is a problem from config?
    Can you post your modul config ….

    this config works:

    			module: 'mvgmunich',
    			position: 'top_right',
    			header: 'MVG',
    			config: {
    				haltestelle: 'Vaterstetten',
    				maxEntries: 4,   // 10 items on screen
    				updateInterval: 60000,  // 60 s
    				showIcons: true,
    				showUbahn: true,    //show ubahn route
    				showBus: false,    // show bus route
    				showTram: false,   // show tram route
    				showSbahn: true   // show sbahn route

  • Dear @Babene1 ,

    thanks for your quick response. I use the same module and since the module is working for you I was wondering what else could be the error. And I have found a solution: the latest module I installed was MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic. I deactivated that module and now MMM-mvgmunich
    is working again. Vielen Dank!

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