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MMM-Face-Reco-DNN - All new Face Recognition

  • Hi all

    Because our “old” MMM-Facial-Recognition-OCV3 module is not working fine for me and is some days old i decided to create a new module with OpenCV 4.1 and Deep Neural Network to recognize faces. Thanks to normyx for this great module and inspiration for my own new one.

    Over all it is compatible with the module from normyx, you can use it over the same classes as he used. The training of the images are a little bit different but much easier as his version (for my point of view).

    To be honest the development status are still beta, i finished the module yesterday evening and tested it on my macbook and not yet on my mirror. But this tests on my local machine was successfully.

    So if you want try it out and let me know what you think about and what i can extend / change or whatever.

    Happy to hear your experiences with the module and how it works with your mirror.

    Please read carefully the readme of the module, i hope i don’t forget something, otherwise, also please let me know and i can change it or extend it. Happy to help where i can.

    If you find a bug, so let me know with a ticket on GitHub or feel free to do a Pull Request, i will check it as fast as i can.

    Thanks for your Feedback.

  • Module are now Final and tested on real MagicMirror

  • I will give it a go. I am getting mixed results with OCV3 facial recognition.

  • After few days of installing (it takes a lot of time to build OpenCV 4.1 and dlib), trial and errors I finally installed and configured the module and oh boy is it good? Yes it is. It is much faster and accurate than Facial_Recognition_OCV3 that I used before. It was tottaly worth the time.

    Thanks a lot to nischi for responding so quickly to the issues I posted on GitHub and to the enhansments he made based on my feedback.

  • @Ivanov_d Thanks a lot, glad to hear that.