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Instead of mirror using Glass

  • If I didn’t want to have a mirror or see my reflection; but instead create a smart glass. Could plexi glass or another glass that is used to make multi-touch tables be used instead?

    I ask because I would like to make a desk insert for my office desk that I’m building and do not require the mirror portion of it.

    Any of you inventors out there have any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts?


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    Ofc you can, hardened glass, not plexi in a table however.
    Touch foil under the glass and you are good to go 🙂

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    @russwu83 Yes, it could. If you have the tools, cut a hole in the top of your desk that is slightly smaller than the size of your monitor. Perhaps 1cm smaller in every dimension. Use a router to expand the hole to the size of your monitor, set to the depth of monitor thickness + glass thickness. Then reset the depth to the thickness of your glass and expand beyond the monitor size to the size of your glass.

    This design lets the monitor rest upon a shelf of whatever desktop surface you’re using, supported around the edge. The glass rests upon the shelf and the monitor, supported on all sides plus supported throughout by the monitor. And it’s all flush with the surface.

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