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    @buzzkc I know how that feels!! I don’t even think I can look at ST until almost winter in reality. Currently I’m working on a job that should take 4 months…they gave me 2 LOL After that the list is longggggggggggggggggg still… so I’m really busy.

    IF you need anyone to test or help let me know!

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    @johnnyboy trying… trying LOL Great to see you!!!

  • @cowboysdude said in SmartThings:

    @johnnyboy trying… trying LOL Great to see you!!!

    As @buzzkc has stated about Device Handlers, and Im sure you have (Must have?) already done this… these can be found in the IDE, which are C&P from github.
    There is a constantly updated list of DH’s on the ST Forum, so worth checking that out to compare with the devices you have, and wish to manipulate.

    Me personaly, I use WebCoRE to do my manipulation… and If I need to add anything that is not the “Norm” then I would simply create a Virtual switch on the IDE, and then point towards that, with my chosen manipulation… and if you have used WebCoRE before, then you know it has limitless possibilities. Bad comparason, but I look at WebCoRE as IFTTT on Steroids 🙂

    Some things I do, requires using several items… like my door sensor for example - It opens (Trigger ) and it then informs ST… which then informs WebCoRE, whitch then informs EchoSpeaks to then go through Amazon, to speak my chosen text, on my chosen Amazon devices - “Warning, Side door has been opened… Alarm sequence will initiate in T-Minus 20 seconds”
    I also added in another “Then” which will turn my chosen lights on @ 100%, until door is closed… and also to turn on my smart plug, which has a Siren attached, to activate after the 20 second time, also to start recording on CCTV in that location.

    The lag on this is about 2 seconds… so not a real concern given the hoops it has to jump through beforehand.

    I have only ever needed to slightly alter a DH once, for a Hive Sensor… but that was to simply change a 6second delay to a 12 second delay… purely because the original usage would be going through 1 loop, and I was going through 4, so need to extend the timeout.
    I also have my Hive Heating controllable through ST of sorts, using ActionTiles and placing Hive on the screen there.

    IF my MM was Touchscreen, and I had the time to work it out, I would have loved to be able to place several icons/Tiles (Virtual Switches) onto it, and control numerous ST devices from there… But I found it far far quicker, and easier, to simply use a Tablet… with the benefit that I can add several other tablets throughout the house, each with either control of that zone only, or the ability to swipe to another zone from the same screen… by creating a Link tile in every window to go to a chosen zone.

    You could also create Media Tiles… showing a constant stream of several cameras… and make that Tile as small or as big as you like… I have Netflix/Amazon/Kodi/IPTV as tiles too, so one click, and it pops up for me.

    And, as mentioned, it will aslo link to any app you have on the device you are using, by creating a link tile to it… which will open up for you directly in that screen/tile… and I find this usefull when playing music through my Sonos system, and can bring up the full library to choose from, and be able to control the speakers too.

    I’m not sure by your OP that you are wanting to manipulate the data to then create something to use on the MM framework, or whether you simply want to manipulate the data just to alter things to your own suiting?
    But if you have read anything above that you need any more info on, then ask away…