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MagicMirror lagging badly at 4K@30Hz with Raspberry Pi 4

  • So I reflashed yesterday my Rpi with the final release of Rasbian Buster.

    The problem now is that MM is lagging soooo bad at 3840x2160@30 Hz and no matter whether I am using the default modules or some third-party ones… 😣

    If the resolution is lower than everything becomes smoother. but please note that this wasn’t happening with previous Buster revisions!

    Now I don’t know where to start from or what to tweak/edit…

    Honestly I don’t want to run MM@1080p because this was not the goal for buying a rpi 4 with 4 gigs… 😟

    @MichMich or someone else has a clue about what’s going on please?

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