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Touchscreen not working in MM - MM freezing one's a day

  • Heya Folks,

    so I got 2 Problems there.

    Everyday in the morning (so this happens ones a day), when i turn on my LCD i got the MM with a stillstanding time and no newsfeed Output.
    Ok, thought this is a bit awkward, so i tried to restart it.

    -> pm2 restart mm
    -> pm2 tells me all is fine

    Take a look back on my monitor, nothing happend, still frozen. Tried it also with start/stop, still frozen. Only a complete reboot fixes this.
    I think this is mainly not a problem of MM, but maybe some of u guys could have a clue, what i can do on my server to change this. Maybe the graphical output needs a reset sometimes.

    Next thing is the touchfoil on my LCD. I got it to work under my Debian with xinput. On the GNOME desktop, everything is fine, calibration works, calibration does not reset on a reboot. Now i installed the mm-hide-all button module and tried to tap on the screen: nothing.
    Ok… maybe… let’s do a restart. Oh, nothing. Next try was kioskmode. And this is where things get weird for me. On my first start MM has a top cell like every program has with Close, do this, do that… There is the touch working, BUT not on the main MM window.
    I got no clue about programming in node, i think maybe there is somewhere a point, where i could add the touch as an Input for MM. Or maybe there is another thing to do? I don’t know exactly. Hope someone could help me there, to make elements clickable with an Input from /dev/ttySx.

    So Long,

  • Found out for mysel, that when I open the Webpage in another browser on another PC, the event still does not work and the cursor hides as i place it over the mirror space. Maybe that’ll help.

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    @chrisyy The cursor being hidden is done through a CSS line. That’s probably not the issue.

    I know that @broberg was having issues with click events not firing due to z-order issues. Perhaps this discussion will point you down the correct path.

  • Ok, i figured out that this was nearly the same issue as z-index.

    I took a look at the .css and .html and found out that in the index.html this line:

    is something like a fullscreen container that lay's his self over the screen.

    So after commenting out the line, i can click the button. But the only thing hiding is the button itself, maybe thats just because i’m sitting on a laptop (not at home) and trying it throug my webbrowser. After refreshing it is hidden and blending back in when i click on the some space where the button was before. I’ll give it a try when i’m back home and hopefully it will work.

    I’ll take a look to #debian to try to get help with the monitor freeze and post results here.

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    @chrisyy If you check the MagicMirror2 documentation, you’ll see that there are several regions that you can easily assign any module. top_left, bottom_center, middle_right and the like. The region fullscreen_above is just what it sounds like: It’s “above” every other module area and it takes up the entire screen.

    So, you’ve just removed this layer from your mirror. So long as you don’t attempt to put a module in that region, you should be okay. Of course… if you re-enabled it and put the module that you wanted to click upon in there, it should also work.

    As an aside, I was playing around with showing a Halloween video on the mirror and we put it in fullscreen_below. This allowed all of the other modules to be shown on top of the video. Very cool effect.

  • Indeed this is good to know to create funny effects.

    I’m working on the second Problem also. A guy in #ubuntu suggested me to try it with lxde instead of gnome. Maybe its a bug in gnome.

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