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Hello Pre-existing Google Home setup

  • I am looking into building a smart mirror within the next month and would like to have google home functionality integrated. I have been unable to find any information regarding a smart mirror using a pre-existing google home mini. I have only seen them using the google AIY voice kit. I am wondering if the same can be accomplished with my google home mini as has been done with the AIY kit.

  • Module Developer

    The easiest way (I think) is to use IFTTT


    • Static IP/Domain or DDNS or ngrok or for your MM
      • your mirror should be accessible from outside of your home network.
    • IFTTT account
    • MMM-Remote-control or MMM-NotificationTrigger or some module which can be receive and interpret IFTTT message to some notifications for MM control. Or you can build your own

    How to:

    1. Give external accessible URL to your MM. (See the requirements)
    2. Make an IFTTT recipe;
    • Google Assistant for THIS, Web Hook for THAT
    • Web hook url should be your MM’s URL
    1. Set your MMM-Remote-Control or MMM-NotificationTrigger to receive IFTTT messages and translate it to control your MM.

    You can make some orders like “Ok google, Turn off the screen”, “Hey Google, Next page.”

    Harder way is to make Google Actions for MM. But not recommend personally. It would be VERY VERY HARD stuffs for non-developer. And you need to use Firebase or something similar cloud server or at least you should run your own dedicated server to host your action.

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