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Twice now the Electron screen has loaded 'Pure-White'

  • Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?

    • Consider the config file has ‘no’ modules or ‘has plenty’ so its not module related as far as i can tell.

    And best way to revert it to black other than to clone files, delete MM and re-clone back in to place…

  • This is not much info. Do u have any logs in the MagicMirror folder?

    I think this is not related to modules. What do u change when it gets white again after recloning?

  • This post is deleted!

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    @wjdw87 I had this happen a few times when I was attempting to get the motiondetection module to work. I suspect it has something to do with the video driver, but I’m not sure. I ended up having to reboot the Pi to get the white screen to go away.

    I have since increased my GPU memory to 192 and I haven’t had the problem since. If you wish to try this, edit the /boot/config.txt file and either modify or add gpu_mem=192 to the file. In my case, this value was towards the bottom of the file.

    Please do let me know if this works.

  • Hi all, i suspected it was something to do with electron being corrupted with some work we have been doing compiling both the ai - home auto - and mm together.

    I simply deleted the folder (mm) reinstalled MM and now all appears to be working fine, that is until i being installing the modules for MM 😛

    Bhepler, great point, could have been that also

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