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Using Smartthings motion sensor to turn on/off monitor

  • I recently setup my first MM and wanted to use the existing motion sensors in my house to turn on/off the screen. I was able to do this using my Smartthings hub using a device handler and app, and the MMM-Remote-Control module. I can add more detail to this if anyone is interested, just let me know, but here is the 10,000 foot view

    First I setup the MMM-Remote-Control module, which has api urls to call for turning the monitor on and off.

    The device handler is the URI Switch (, which you provide the urls to use for each function (on/off). Using the Smarthings Groovy IDE ( install the device handler. Next create a new virtual switch and choose the URI Switch device handler for it. On the mobile app, find your new device and update its settings with the ip address, port, and on/off urls for your MM.

    Lastly I used the SmartThings Smart Lighting app (part of the classic Smartthings mobile app) to setup a new lighting routine. I chose the motion sensor for the room my MM is hung in, then chose the virtual switch you created above. You can then set the options to turn off the virtual switch after x number of minutes of no motion.

    I actually have 3 motions sensors set to turn on the monitor so that it is displaying by the time we walk to that room from the adjoining rooms.

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    Can also be done with mmm-syslog if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the remote control module.

    And if you are using the Hubitat Elevation it’s basically the same. but you don’t need custom device handlers. It’s all built in to Hubitat (virtual device, button and then rules to send http get).

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