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Restore desktop access after auto-start commands

  • I’m very new to using a pi and programming in general, so bear with me as I try to explain my situation. I haven’t used the pi for a while so I’m also kinda rusty with my commands and such. I did all the configuration of my mirror, and when I was happy with everything I ran the commands to auto-start the magic mirror software and rotate the screen and such. I need to change my WiFi network, but whenever I quit the mirror software I get a black screen and it restarts. I found commands online to disable and delete the auto-start (“pm2 stop mm” and “pm2 delete mm”) but now it just boots up to an empty black screen rotated 90 degrees. How can I restore my desktop or my orientation? Any help is appreciated.

  • @keyk123 you setup the system to use pm2 to restart the magicmirror app …

    you could ssh into the pi if you enabled that, or, on the pi screen, using a keyboard do

    alt-spacebar, n 

    (just like on windows) to minimize the current app)

    then u have the desktop.

    hold alt then hit tab, and u get a list of windows (apps) you can switch to… another tab switches which window to open next… when it says magicmirror release alt

  • @sdetweil I’m not entirely sure what you mean “ssh into the pi” but I tried the “alt + spacebar + n” and the “alt + tab” but nothing happens and I’m stuck on a black screen. If I right click I can get commands to run applications or “emulate terminal” and there’s an option to exit OpenBox which just gives me more darkness and nothing happening when I right click.

  • @keyk123 ok, sorry, don’t know anything about the openbox desktop…

  • @sdetweil Neither do I. Last I check I was running the base raspbian desktop and I don’t know how to get back to that

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