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Adding HTTP stream

  • Hi guys. How do I go about adding an HTTP stream to the magic mirror. I found the MMM-RTSPStream module but I only managed to get my camera to stream using HTTP not RTSP. Any steps you can provide that will allow me to display my HTTP stream?

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    @whitedragon1011 use one of the iframe modules that updates it content every other time.

    or if you by http mean a mjpeg image output you could probably use any image module that you can set to update itself every 2-5 sec.

  • Thanks! I used and MagiMirror now gives me an error saying to create a Config file. Something must be wrong but i am not sure what. I copied and pasted the code as displayed in GitHub and replaced both URLS with a single URL of my stream…

    And ideas?

    EDIT: one too many “}”

  • I got the stream running! BUT the stream is just a thin strip of video. I can see it updates but it is barely visible. I understand that I can adjust height and width, but when I do that it barely works. Percentages do no changes at all. When I put values in pixels it does adjust but the stream does not stay in the bottom right spot and the video is still cropped.

    Any way to scale it up properly?

  • I use Smartwebdisplay and the height and width settings are for the frame, not the content within.

    Not sure if you can do the same but to get mine to display correctly, I set my DVR to quad camera view. I then moved the camera I wanted into position 1 and resized the frame to the height and width of that first camera, even though it is still receiving the stream for all 4. It still has to be slightly larger than I wanted but does the trick as the Iframe is sizing from the top left.

    I don’t know of an Iframe viewer for MM that allows you to resize the contents but if anyone comes across one let me know please!

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