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Blank screen with error in terminal upon start.

  • Hello, I recently lost wifi on my pi and the magic mirror went down. I restarted and reconnected the pi to internet and went to start the magic mirror. I received a bunch of error messages in the command terminal something possibly to do with a module not found. I am unable to access logs for this. I have so far began with a fresh install of magic mirror which works flawlessly with the stock config.js file and default modules. I then added my old config file after running npm config:check with no errors found as well as added back all of my modules after updating and fixing anything found after running an audit. After doing this it is back to the error messages and blank black screen. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking to attempt to fix this.
    -thanks in advance

  • @dcarls91 start the mirror with the developers window open

    npm start dev

    then use the mouse to select the tab labeled ‘console’ and scroll up…

    some piece of code (module_name.js) is having a fatal error, and the UI has died…

  • So I tired this and it tells me that the dev tools was disconnected from the page. I have also gone in and ran an audit and updated all packages. This is with a fresh install of Magic Mirror as well as all modules

  • @dcarls91 if u added back modules, did u check and run npm install in the module folders where they had a package.json file?

    if you do npm start from a terminal window, you might get some error messages…

    I would go back to the base config.js and start adding one module at a time…

  • @sdetweil I will do that. I went into all of my modules and and ran npm install as well

  • It may also be an electron issue

  • Module Developer

    @dcarls91 I’m not sure if what you did was right.

    For me the best way and proven a hundred times is:

    • sit at an external device (laptop/PC)
    • SSH into the mirror
    • npm start dev
    • open the mirror’s page on a browser on the laptop/PC (http://IP.OF.THE.MIRROR:8080)
    • check the shell console (where you did the npm start dev) as well as the developer’s console of the browser for errors.

    There will be something that will help you find the error

  • @dcarls91 said in Blank screen with error in terminal upon start.:

    I went into all of my modules and and ran npm install as well

    IF they do NOT have a package.json file as part of a module, then there is a bad side effect or a required file beging deleted

    you can check

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    ls modules/node_modules/node_helper/index.js

    if the file is there, all good,
    if not do this

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    git checkout modules/node_modules/node_helper/index.js

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