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Second RTSP Stream is blank

  • Re: stuck with MMM-RTSP module

    I have two RTSP camera streams and there is only one that is stuck. They are both the exact same cameras and the streams are the same as far as a URL. I can open the stream in VLC and it works fine. When I tried to but both cameras in the config.js file the first one shows up but the second one ( mentioned already ) is still blank. Anyone else having this issue or may have resolved it?

  • Module Developer

    Upon testing, I don’t see that error. I don’t have two cameras, so the first stream is the test stream.

    I’ve moved my mirror to a Pi4…

    Here’s my config:

    			module: "MMM-RTSPStream",
    			position: "top_center",
    			config: {
    				autoStart: true,
    				rotateStreams: false,
    				moduleWidth: 640,
    				moduleHeight: 360,
    				localPlayer: 'omxplayer',
    				remotePlayer: 'ffmpeg',
    				showSnapWhenPaused: false,
    				remoteSnaps: false,
    				omxRestart: 2,
    				stream1: {
    					name: 'big buck',
    					url: '', 
    					ffmpegPort: 10001,
    					shutdownDelay: 0,
    				stream2: {
    					name: 'Front Camera',
    					url: 'rtsp://username:password@FrontCam/h264Preview_01_sub', 
    					protocal: "ucp",
    					width: 640,
    					height: 360, 
    					ffmpegPort: 10002,
    					shutdownDelay: 0,

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