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Need help with design/dimensions?.

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    I have the following equipment with me

    a 12 x 12 inch two way mirror (Vanity vision, 1/4inch thick)
    a 13.1 x 8.2 inch screen

    What’s the best way of going about this? I have a glass cutting tool and I am thinking of cutting the mirror down to 12 x 8.2 inches. But when it comes to the frame, I would need something that would fit a 13.1 by 8.2 inch screen. I don’t have access to too many hardware tools so making a custom frame is going to be difficult if I want to fit the 13.1x8.2inch screen. For those who made pretty looking frameless mirrors, how did you guys do it? Or basically how did you make it mountable on a wall?


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    Frameless mirrors/floating mirrors are hard to do when you have to hide a screen and possibly a pi/other hardware. (And you probably want polished edges for that to)

    If you are able to build the screen and pi in to the wall itself and then mount the mirror flush on the wall, that would be one way of doing it.

    But since your glass won’t cover the entire screen (being 1.1 inch to short) the best thing to do is to build a frame with a larger bezel around the mirror+screen.
    And in that case yes, cutting the glass down would be good (just to get closer to the screens image ratio).

    With a larger bezel you can hide the overflow and you won’t get a backlight-edge visible on your mirror (since all the visible mirror surface will have the screen behind it).

    You could probably find a ready made picture frame that is close to your measurements, and then just build a simple wooden box around the components that you can mount the frame to and in the same time get mounting to hang it on a wall.
    (something like this maybe :

    You don’t need any specialized tools to make a frame (a saw, a hammer, some tiny nails, wood glue and some wood.)

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