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MagicMirror as a website

  • Hi there,

    Is it possible to convert my Mirror project to a website?

    Here’s why… I would like to use the mirror project as a message board for my building lobby so I would like to modify the messages on my laptop and upload it as a website.
    In that way my lobby screen will be set by default to my website (lobby.something) and will display the updated content.

    Instead of going to my monitor at the lobby and update the config file…

    Is that possible?

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    @mosheva yeah, the MM2 is already a website.

    Just open http://“your ip”:8080 in any web browser and it will display you magicmirror.

    It requires that the mirror in the lobby is connected to the same network as your computer that is running MM2. Or that you open it up to the web (which I don’t recommend).

    There are several ways you could send messages to the mirror without needing to alter the config-file at all.

  • wow what a newbie I am…

    Thanks for that…

    So let’s say that I’ve got 4 screens that most likely will have the same mirror config beside security camera streams (each lobby with is own stream)
    What will be the best way to edit the message board for each screen?
    What will be the best way to remote desktop to each screen?

    The main reason for a website is that most likely my TV on the lobby will be with “smart tv” options so they will have a web-browser…
    So I figured that the best way is to run 4 mirrors each one will have it’s own remote ip address so once I make a change in one of them it will be immediately update the on-site screen…

    Something like the DAKboard…

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