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MMM-VOICE-COMMANDS not working pls help

  • please this is graduate project and i just need to show the pages by voice in this module its said it can show pages with MMM-PAGE-SELECTOR

            module: "MMM-Voice-Commands",
            config: {
                debug: true, //Displays end results and errors from annyang in the Log
                autoStart: true, //Adds annyang commands when it first starts
                activateCommand: "hello mirror", //Command to active all other commands
                deactivateCommand: "goodbye mirror", //Command to deactivate all other commands
                alertHeard: true, //Whether an alert should be shown when annyang hears a phrase (mostly for debug)
                commands: {
    		"switch to (the) :page (page)": "PAGE_SELECT",
    		"go to (page) :page": "PAGE_SELECT",

    please someone help me i dont know how to use annyang in this module and i dont know what to do 😞

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