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temperature sensors

  • probably found a solution by next now

    but I use a combination esp8266 and mysensors with dht22

  • @ardenking said in temperature sensors:

    esp8266 and mysensors

    no i haven’t find yet
    I’ m trying with openhab and home assistant to read shelly h&t but I don’t understand how to setup
    dht22 are connected to the PI ? do you have one Pi in each room ?

  • I have a SmartThings hub and Alexa and I’m looking for a cheap, reliable way to measure temperature across the house. What I’ve tried:

    Xiaomi Aqara temperature sensors, which are super cheap but are reliable if and only if they’re close to the hub - they quickly lose connection and won’t reconnect if they’re distant (repeaters make it worse).

    Centralite temperature/humidity sensor seems to work reasonably well, but needs CR2 batteries and goes through them quite quickly. Looks like they’ve stopped making them anyway kamukta

    Samsung Multisensor, but it seems wasteful to have 6 measurements and only look at one of them

    Boesch motion sensor, ditto

    VIsonic door sensor, ditto, also only reports temperature a couple times a day

    Are there temperature (or temperature/humidity) sensors for Zigbee or Z-wave that cost $15 or less that I can actually expect to work for more than a week at a time?

  • Module Developer

    I’m playing with a DHT 11 sensor I got out of a kit and cheapest ever - free on the sensor + software.

  • ESP32 with DS18B20. ESP32 can run micropython so code is easy. ESP32 is cheap and so is the DS18B20. Simple compact and is WIFI.

  • @BKeyport Hello,

    I’m desperately trying to download the module:

    This one seems to be the most “DAY”. I have a DHT 11 to install but this one refuses to soul to make data returns. Thank you for your help.

  • Module Developer

    @titoof Not quite understanding your wording, there.

    Once you follow the instructions in the readme - exactly - and reboot your system, it will work.

    			module: "MMM-DHT-Sensor",
    			position: "bottom_right",
    			header: "Room Temp",
    			config: {
    				sensorPin: 26, // Use the GPIO number. GPIO 26/Pin 37. 
    				sensorType: 22, // DHT 22 (DHT 11 change to 11)
    				updateInterval: 60 * 60 * 1000,
    				initialLoadDelay: 0,
    				animationSpeed: 1000,
    				units: "imperial",
    				relativeScale: 35,
    				debug: false

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