• Hey Guys,


    This is not a voice control module but rather an integration with an external voice control module to provide visual feedback (and eventually control).
    I plan to expand it to do much more like display the alexa GUI cards, timers, alarms etc. AlexaPI uses a wake word but there is also a method for MMM-AlexaPi to initiate a recording.


  • This is a great module. I had it working great on a previous MMM, but now working on a new mirror, I can’t get it to load. I never hear the “hello” at boot, my mic doesn’t do anything, and the display mic on the mirror has a slash through it. Is there any help you can provide?

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  • I got it working with a little help from the AlexaPi group. Changing the output handler from vlc to sox was the answer I needed.

  • @lucallmon I was having the same issue. changed to sox and it worked once for me. now I also hear the hello and one time i was able to ask her a question…but now it almost seems like the mic stopped working…grrr

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  • Yup the arecord does produce a wav file for me that i can playback. But Alexa doesn’t respond anymore…she did a few times…maybe i ticked her off now…lol

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  • @cyberphox @johnnyboy These issues are definitely AlexaPi issues you are having. If your looking for help i would post on the Alexa-pi/alexapi github or talk on the gitter mentioned above. They will be able to help you for sure as I don’t know that much about the audio, mine just seemed to work for some reason

  • I’m sure it’s probably the PS Eye mic and the usb mic you have coming (that I ordered too) will work fine. For example, when I go into aslamixer and try to hit f6 to change to the Eye to increase the volume, it crashes with an invalid argument error…

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