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Benefit to the public: Advertising inside a "citizen bus"

  • Hi there,

    I created a nice informational page with weather, weatherforecast, MMM-PublicTransportHafas, etc. Now I want to cycle that screen with 10 advertisements - provided by small, local companies who sponsor our citizen bus - like this:


    What would be the ideal combination of modules? MMM-Carousel and MMM-Easypix? MMM-ImageSlideshow? Somehow I struggle to combine the perfect modules.

    MMM-Easypix displays the pics in a folder but get’s interrupted by MMM-Carousel. If I give MMM-Carousel enough time, MMM-Easypix cycles through all pics but the infopage get’s displayed at the end and for a too long time period (needed by Easypix). Should I clone MMM-Easypix? It states it can be called multiple times? It’s probably too easy for me to understand. I am an engineer not a programmer!

    It would be very kind if someone pushes me into the right / better(?) direction.

    Kind regards,

  • Project Sponsor


    MMM-Profileswitcher and then just add the ads with MMM-Easypix (multiple instances so you only show one picture per profile).