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Trashday modules based on ICAL

  • I see enough trash day moduls based on excel documents etc.
    The garbage collector here uses ICAL
    Is there a module based on ICAL? Or does someone else have a good idea? or has made one?
    I could not find anything that is based on ICAL.


    *Random link to garbage collector website ical *

  • Module Developer

    If you just want to show the day the trash is picked up you could as well include the ical into the calendar module…

  • @lavolp3 That’s right, I already have that. I only want it in a separate module. Because that’s nicer.

  • Module Developer

    @Screwyoudriver OK makes sense. I thought about some module like this as well.

    BTW: Another workaround would be to fetch the notification that is distributed by calendar:

    	broadcastEvents: function () {
    		var eventList = [];
    		for (var url in this.calendarData) {
    			var calendar = this.calendarData[url];
    			for (var e in calendar) {
    				var event = cloneObject(calendar[e]);
    				event.symbol = this.symbolsForUrl(url);
    				event.calendarName = this.calendarNameForUrl(url);
    				event.color = this.colorForUrl(url);
    				delete event.url;
    		eventList.sort(function(a,b) {
    			return a.startDate - b.startDate;
    		this.sendNotification("CALENDAR_EVENTS", eventList);

    calendar could do the conversion work for the trash module, and the trash module could just fetch and filter the events for trash-related ones.

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