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Mirror Black Screen - helpless

  • Hi,

    I would like to apologize for my English in advance. But thanks to Google, it is understandable.

    My Mirror crashes after about 1 hour of running time. The screen stays black. I have already played it several times and only run with the standard modules. Additionally, I let the developer console show me.

    But after an hour he hangs up completely. The console gives no error, or crashes. I am really helpless at first what to do. Would you have an idea why it may be?

    Raspbian Buster

    MMM Verison 2.9

    Raspberry Pi3B+

  • @Notch are you using pm2 to start/stop the mirror app? if so, do

    pm2 logs 

    to dump out the logs

  • Project Sponsor

    1. Check your internet connection at the mirror. Several modules are set to update on the hour.

    2. Did you update your raspbian installation? Like so:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade -y
    1. You may wish to allocate more memory to the graphics portion of the Raspberry Pi. Run sudo raspi-config and find the section that allocates memory to the graphics processing (I think it is under “advanced options”). I have mine set to 128 MB.

    Good luck.

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