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martinkooij/MMM-MyWeather: error message about appid

  • Hi all,
    I installed and configured @martinkooij 's module correctly (I think):

    			module: "MMM-MyWeather",
    			position: "bottom_left",
    			config: {
    				apiKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    				lat: "xx.03586",
    				lon: "x.06379",
    				coloricon: true,
    				hourly: '1',
    				fctext: '0',
    				fcdaycount: "5",
    				fcdaystart: "0",
    				hourlyinterval: "3",
    				hourlycount: "3",
    				alerttime: 10000,
    				alerttruncatestring: "english:",
    				roundTmpDecs: 1,
    				UseCardinals: 0,
    				layout: "vertical",
    				fadePoint: 0.8,
    				windunits: "kph"

    All I’m seeing, though, is this weird error message from a previous fork, I think:

    Please set the correct openweather *appid* in the config for
    module: MMM-MyWeather. 

    The module’s config, however, refers to as its apibase. My apiKey seems to work there: I manually tested it and it does record “calls made” under my apikey, so that should check out. What am I missing?

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