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Using an Ultrasonic sensor with MMM-PIR-Sensor power-saving functionality

  • I want to set a distance to turn on and off the display using an ultrasonic sensor. MMM-PIR-Sensor has that functionality, but it only works for a PIR motion sensor. MMM-Swipe uses 2 ultrasonic sensors, but it doesn’t have the power-saving mode that I need. MMM-NearCompliments also uses an ultrasonic sensor, but I don’t understand if MMM-PIR-Sensor needs to be installed to have the power-saving mode feature.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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    @migg although I’m not using an US sensor but a microwave sensor with MMM-PIR-Sensor I read out of curiosity the module description of MMM-Swipe. As I saw, it sends a notification when movement is detected. This notification can be received by MMM-Remote-Control, which can switch the display on. As said, I didn’t dig into this in depth but might be a possibility to achieve what you want.

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    Following the description of MMM-NearCompliments, MMM-PIR-Sensor has to be installed, too, if you intend to use the powersaving function. See the options ‘usePIR’ and ‘powerSavingDelay’

    usePIR Should we use PIR sensor to activate only distance measurment when USER_PRESENCE notification is sent by MMM-PIR-Sensor?
    Possible values: boolean
    Default value: false

    powerSavingDelay Power saving delay in seconds defined in MMM-PIR-Sensor. It gets overwritten by MMM-PIR-Sensore module and is only defined for backup purpose.
    Possible values: int
    Default value: 30

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