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First Try...

  • Well not a mirror yet but my first build is coming along better than I thought it would. Still have some plans but the NHL and NFL modules seem to be my current sticking points.

    Modules Used:
    Default Weather
    MMM-CalendarExt (Played with Ext2 but seem to like Ext better so far)
    Background image was added using custom CSS

    Want to build a frame and probably put a mirror on the front. Other plans include wanting to add buttons for turning on the game scores in place of the weather. Add motion detection as well.

    Without the Ring Module activated
    (0_1576338753346_20191214_103430.jpg image url)

    With the Ring Module activated by door bell press
    (0_1576338825986_20191214_103516.jpg image url)

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    @wswenson great start! Just go on and enhance it incrementally as you plan. Have you had a look into MMM-MyScoreboard for the NFL and NHL standings (probably you have)? I use it to have the European and German football standings displayed.

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