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Reusing Node Web Server

  • Anyone know how I can put a file in the MagicMirror directory to allow it to be accessed (internally) via HTTP? It works if I put my file in the Modules folder, but I’d prefer not to do that to keep things cleaner. I tried putting the file in the MagicMirror folder directly and also a sub-folder I created, but both give me an error of “Cannot GET test.html”?

  • @cweinhofer the mirror code sets up links for the sub folders, but not the root MagicMirror folder

    	app.use("/js", express.static(__dirname));
    	var directories = ["/config", "/css", "/fonts", "/modules", "/vendor", "/translations", "/tests/configs"];
    	var directory;
    	for (var i in directories) {
    		directory = directories[i];
    		app.use(directory, express.static(path.resolve(global.root_path + directory)));

  • Thanks @sdetweil

    I added my directory to the list, restarted MagicMirror, and I can now see the file.

    For other’s reference, the code above is located in MagicMirror/js/server.js

  • @cweinhofer remember, when the update comes out to watch for the update error…

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