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MM doesn't load after update. Hangs Pi

  • I wanted to work on it after 6 months and it asked for a bunch of updates. I did git stash and git stash pop etc since it would not let me update otherwise.
    however, after updating the main system, there were updates to MMM NOAA and MMM-singlestock. after I did that, the system didn’t work at all.
    what should I load here (config.js file, any code etc? ) to get some help on this.
    I deleted MMM-SingleStock but it doesn’t changes anything.
    upon launching the system it gives a bunch of msgs and then goes to launching application, but the computer just freezes and I have to start by unplugging it.
    here is a snap shot of the msgs I get.

    Please help.

  • I am having similar issues on the develop path. I had to change back to the master branch and it went back to working.

    My error looks like:

    mm-0 [18:41:00.356] [ERROR]
    mm-0 WARNING! Could not load config file. Starting with default configuration. Error found: Error: Cannot find module 'node_helper'
    mm-0 Require stack:
    mm-0 - /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Remote-Control/node_helper.js
    mm-0 - /home/pi/MagicMirror/js/app.js
    mm-0 - /home/pi/MagicMirror/js/electron.js
    mm-0 - /home/pi/MagicMirror/node_modules/electron/dist/resources/default_app.asar/main.js

  • what does changing back to master branch mean? how does one do that ?

  • @magicmirrorer git branch will show the different collections of code
    git checkout ??? Where ??? Is one of those names will load that collection into the working directory

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