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been a while

  • so its been some time since iv been on the site,
    i had to start again as things got a little smokey lol
    iv gone down the AlexaPI route this time, but iv come up a little stuck all ready, the problem is that i cant get sound or the mic working at all though the usb sound card im sure im missing something really simple but i just cant place my finger on it.

    iv gone down a totally different route this time im using a xbox 360 case running PINN and dual booting rasbian and retro pi, my plan is keep the pi portable and then connect to a magicmirror when its left at home,

    little info for anyone interested
    using a rpi 3b+, iv got the original power button connected to the pi (360 RF card), 500GB split raspbian and retro pi via USB, on board sound running through usb sound card, 3.5 inch touch screen on front and a few bells and whistles and LEDs.

    when i get time ill post a few pictures,


  • so i can only get the mic and sound running when i run

    python3 /opt/AlexaPi/src/ -d

  • Got voice and mic working, now to start on the MagicMirror and modules 😁

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