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Default module calendar issue/bug maybe discovered

  • Hi
    Have used MagicMirror for about 18 months
    I think I’m pretty good at how it works.

    When the new version came out, I had some issues with some modules but also ran my MM where I have run update on update, so chose to do a clean install of latest Raspian and Magic Mirror.
    Now I am setting it up again and have detected an error with “default calendar”.

    in the config for the module “calendar” i’m running:

    maximumEntries: 100,
    fullDayEventDateFormat: "DD MMM",
    timeFormat: "absolute",
    urgency: 7,

    It’s working fine… great
    My problem is when i’m adding more then one calendar entries, then it randomly changes the format for the entries from “DD MMM” too “MMM DD” ??

    Now I have almost 35 entries, and one thing I can see though and that is that the format is the same for the same calendar, so the same calendar on a URL is the same entry, so calendar 1 access / input can be format “MMM DD” and calendars 2 and 3 access / input can be “DD MMM”.
    Can some help with what is happening and how I can solve this?

    And another thing I can see is that it changes the format of the enteries that have been made over a longer period in google calendar, that is to say that every Thursday in the period 10/01/20 (DD / MM / YY) to 30 / 07/20 (DD / MM / YY) there is a task, possibly my daughter’s swimming, everyone else works/fits, it is actually only this type of task created in that way, that changes format from “DD MMM” to " MMM DD "
    Can some help with this?

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