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Add Fade Opacity config option in config.js

  • When using the “Fade” option in the default modules (Calendar and Weather forecast, for example), on my set-up, the dimmed/faded gradient on the text is inconsistent. This is due to several factors, including different font sizes/weights, black-points/contrast/brightness on different monitors, different one-way mirror materials, etc.

    I was wondering if I could address this issue (in my case) if there was an Opacity variable added to the startFade function used in several default modules?

    Right now we can control via config.js where the fade starts in a div (fadePoint), but not a minimum amount of the opacity of the fade. (Right now it is based on an inline CSS div style of the opacity property set to the full 1.0 amount.)

    if (e >= startFade) {			//fading
    	currentFadeStep = e - startFade; = 1 - (1 / fadeSteps * currentFadeStep);

    Is it worthwhile to add a fadeOpacity config that can be set to different base opacity amounts? Appreciate any help/feedback on this.

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