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Stuck on booting in portrait mode

  • Hi all,

    I am a beginner to magic mirror and raspberry pi in general. I installed mm and it’s running ok in landscape mode. However when I try to specify display rotate= 1 in boot config file, the display rotated but magic mirror software gets stuck on loading screen. I have tried rebooting pi many times and killing mm software and restarting it. Also tried various options like lcd rotate and display rotate= 1,3 etc. however even after pi display is rotated, magic mirror fails to load modules

    All modules are default ones, and set up works perfectly in landscape mode.
    Please help me debug this.

    Raspberry pi 4 with 2gb ram and dell monitor with dvi input, I am using hdmi to dvi adapter.
    Note if I press ctrl+w ( I read about this somewhere online) I see magic mirror momentarily flashes the modules but they go almost instantly. Also I notice the pi becomes a bit slow in general when magic mirror is trying to load in portrait mode.

    I am running pi hole besides magic. Mirror software. Do you think 2gb ram is insufficient for both to run nicely?

    Thanks for help.

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    Reading this :

    The last post says that the rotation doesn’t work with the drivers that are standard for Rpi 4.

    So I would suggest you keep it in landscape mode and rotate it with html/css instead.