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Module Alert

  • Hello,
    I have a question: I have a google calendar in the standard calendar module with appointments. I cannot display the appointments in the standard ‘Alert’ module. How does this module work, do you need to add parameters in the calendar… I row.
    I found this in the doc:
    For notifications use:
    self.sendNotification(“SHOW_ALERT”, {type: “notification”});
    For alerts, use:
    self.sendNotification(“SHOW_ALERT”, {});
    What’s the point ?
    Yet this is where the new alert message comes in, isn’t it?
    I use the module ‘AlarmClock’ which shows me the alarm!
    Here is the config of my module:

    // alert
    module: ‘alert’,
    welcome_message:“Bonjour voici les alertes”,

    The message is displayed correctly at startup “! But no calendar alert is displayed! Like the one planned” Fictitious appointment ". But maybe it is not planned for that?
    A photo of my Mirror (still evolving)!
    thanks for help

  • @BigFer alert shows alert messages. Has nothing to do w calendar.
    Cannot show upcoming event notices (alert) without some other module

  • @sdetweil Hello, thanks for the reply, I understand better! Which module could display the calendar appointment alert message? I haven’t seen one yet.

  • Module Developer

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