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MMM-RTSPSTream and pm2 start

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    Hi everyone,
    got my two IPcams to work with MM finaly - network speed had been the most critical issue for the last two month 🙂
    Now Cams are on cable and MM changed to Raspi4b - seems to work better now.

    My issue is that starting MM directly mit “./” or “npm start” shows the streams - starting with pm2 does show black video-streams…

    Before I go into to much detail - is this a known issue maybe? I remember to have been a this stage wirh my Raspi3 at some point - but then decided to resetup everithing anyway - so did not chekc on that issue back then.

    So system is Rasp4b, Buster, installation done 4 days ago.

    One thing that might be special is that I needed to change MM port from 8080 to a different one - but again, works fine when startin manually in bash.

    Thank you ang good night for now.


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    Used to try with VLC, changed that to OMX, working like charm now.

    THX, Shadow

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    This post is deleted!

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