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    [2.11.0] - 2020-04-01


    In the past years the project has grown a lot. This came with a huge downside: poor maintainability. If I let the project continue the way it was, it would eventually crash and burn. More important: I would completely lose the drive and interest to continue the project. Because of this the decision was made to simplify the core by removing all side features like automatic installers and support for exotic platforms. This release (2.11.0) is the first real release that will reflect (parts) of these changes. As a result of this, some things might break. So before you continue make sure to backup your installation. Your config, your modules or better yet: your full MagicMirror folder. In other words: update at your own risk.

    For more information regarding this major change, please check issue #1860.


    • Remove installers.
    • Remove externalized scripts.
    • Remove jshint dependency, instead eslint checks your config file now


    • Brazilian translation for “FEELS”.
    • Ukrainian translation.
    • Finnish translation for “PRECIP”, “UPDATE_INFO_MULTIPLE” and “UPDATE_INFO_SINGLE”.
    • Added the ability to hide the temp label and weather icon in the currentweather module to allow showing only information such as wind and sunset/rise.
    • The clock module now optionally displays sun and moon data, including rise/set times, remaining daylight, and percent of moon illumination.
    • Added Hebrew translation.
    • Add HTTPS support and update config.js.sample
    • Run tests on long term support and latest stable version of nodejs
    • Added the ability to configure a list of modules that shouldn’t be update checked.
    • Run linters on git commits
    • Added date functionality to compliments: display birthday wishes or celebrate an anniversary


    • Force declaration of public ip address in config file (ISSUE #1852)
    • Fixes If running in docker-container, don’t check the environment, just start electron (ISSUE #1859)
    • Fix calendar time offset for recurring events crossing Daylight Savings Time (ISSUE #1798)
    • Fix regression in currentweather module causing ‘undefined’ to show up when config.hideTemp is false
    • Fix FEELS translation for Croatian
    • Fixed weather tests #1840
    • Fixed can’t be used with Reverse Proxy in serveronly mode #1934
    • Fix update checking skipping 3rd party modules the first time


    • Remove documentation from core repository and link to new dedicated docs site:
    • Updated config.js.sample: Corrected some grammar on config.js.sample comment section.
    • Removed script and update start commands:
      • To start using electron, use npm run start.
      • To start in server only mode, use npm run server.
    • Remove redundant logging from modules.
    • Timestamp in log output now also contains the date
    • Turkish translation.
    • Option to configure the size of the currentweather module.

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