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  • Dedicated documentation site.

    Because the documentation was getting more extensive than I ever expected, I created a separate docs website:

    This way the docs is are better readable and better maintainable. It also allows us to update the docs without the need of releasing a new MagicMirror release.

    Head over to the new docs site and let me know what you think. I’ll continue to work on the content. Feel free to send me PR’s if you want help out.

    Good to know: every page includes an edit link on the bottom which will generate a PR.

    I’ve updated all MagicMirror² sites (home, forum, readme) to reflect this change. If you find a page that needs an update, please let me know.

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  • RE: Update troubles. Again.

    What exact steps did you take to update?

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  • Discussion: Simplify the core.

    Since I open sourced MagicMirror², I have received many awesome pull requests adding a lot of nice features to the Magic Mirror core. I am very grateful for that! Unfortunately, this comes with a downside: the application gets a lot more complicated.

    I started an issue on GitHub to discuss the idea of simplifying the core of MagicMirror². Please let me know what you think! (Preferably in that issue).


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  • V2.10.0

    ♥ Donate: Enjoying MagicMirror²? Please consider a donation! With your help we can continue to improve the MagicMirror² core.

    [2.10.0] - 2020-01-01

    Special thanks to @sdetweil for all his great contributions!

    ℹNote: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install.


    • Timestamps in log output.
    • Padding in dateheader mode of the calendar module.
    • New upgrade script to help users consume regular updates installers/
    • New script to help setup pm2, without install installers/


    • Updated lower bound of lodash and helmet dependencies for security patches.
    • Updated compliments.js to handle newline in text, as textfields to not interpolate contents.
    • Updated installer script to handle new platform issues, split node/npm, pm2, and screen saver changes.
    • Improve handling for armv6l devices, where electron support has gone away, add optional serveronly config option.
    • Improved to handle for serveronly mode, by choice, or when electron not available.
    • Only check for xwindows running if not on macOS.


    • Fixed issue in weatherforecast module where predicted amount of rain was not using the decimal symbol specified in config.js.
    • Module header now updates correctly, if a module need to dynamically show/hide its header based on a condition.
    • Fix handling of config.js for serverOnly mode commented out.
    • Fixed issue in calendar module where the debug script didn’t work correctly with authentication.
    • Fixed issue that some full day events were not correctly recognized as such.
    • Display full day events lasting multiple days as happening today instead of some days ago if they are still ongoing.
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  • RE: Help needed! Looking for Mocha experts!

    @sdetweil not on my Mac.

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  • Help needed! Looking for Mocha experts!

    For some unknown reason most of the weather module tests seem to fail (both on Travis as well as local) due to timeout issues. To be able to continue the development I have disabled the weather tests by adding a skip statement:

    This means the weather tests are currently not used. This could impact the quality of the code. I can’t seem to find any reason why these tests time out.

    If anyone is able to solve this issue and get travis to successfully complete the tests, please send a PR. Your contribution would be highly appreciated.

    See issue:

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  • RE: hola ayuda con este modulo, yo tengo un error del token

    Hola!, que error te da especificamente?


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