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  • RE: hola ayuda con este modulo, yo tengo un error del token

    Hola!, que error te da especificamente?


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  • RE: Your help is needed! Looking for new moderators!

    I’ve just added @sdetweil, @lavolp3, @broberg and @buzzkc to the moderator list. With these four hero’s we should be covered for a while!

    Thanks for your contribution to this community!

    For anyone interested in a moderator spot as well, feel free to apply. We might need more mods in the future.

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  • RE: Your help is needed! Looking for new moderators!

    Thanks all for your reactions! Let’s wait a few days to see the responses. I’ll get in touch with you asap.

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  • Your help is needed! Looking for new moderators!

    As some of you might have noticed, the forum is flooded with spambots. To ensure the quality of the forum, we are in definite need of a few great new Moderators!

    Being a moderator on the forum is a great way to support the MagicMirror² community and project. It’s voluntarily based, but your help will be extremely appreciated.

    The moderator job:

    • Deleting spam messages and blocking spamming users
    • Adding Markdown code highlighting to posts which don’t yet use it, as well as a note instructing the post author to do so themselves next time
    • Making sure new topics are in the right category
    • Splitting up topics if new questions get posted that have nothing to do with the original topic
    • Improving topic titles to clearly and on point state what the topic is about
    • Cleaning up the Showcase category: People needing help / having problems should be splitted into a new post in the troubleshooting category
    • Watching over the community and making sure everyone plays nice with all the others
    • Trying to help in general
    • New stuff you come up with, you are part of our team so feel free to suggest your wishes

    Requirements for the job:

    • You should know the MagicMirror framework well. Ideally but not mandatory, you have already committed some changes to the core project
    • You enjoy and have fun helping other people
    • You should be (almost) fluent in English
    • If you are interested, write a short text why you’d love to be a moderator, as well as telling us a bit about yourself and post it in this topic!

    We are looking forward to hear from you guys!

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