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  • RE: Font for non-latin characters


    you can take a look at <mm-folder>/fonts/roboto.css where the mm fonts are defined

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  • RE: one call api open weather

    I’m trying to convert from MMM-OpenWeatherForecast to something else, but Openweather is confusing me with the API subscription.

    same situation here. I like the above module but I don’t want to subscribe to the new openweather api.

    First alternative was the mm weather module because it has several providers so you can switch easily. But the design is so far away from MMM-OpenWeatherForecast …

    So next approach was to use the data from mm weather for an own module with better UI.

    Thats the current output:


    It is still a beta version and not published yet.

    Another approach could be to extend the mm weather module with configurable njk templates and the cool skycons (which can be animated) …

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  • RE: Git Hub requiring username and password


    old one works too (but should not be used anymore)

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  • RE: Git Hub requiring username and password


    tested it, no auth needed:

    ❯ git clone
    Cloning into 'MagicMirror'...
    remote: Enumerating objects: 26723, done.
    remote: Counting objects: 100% (112/112), done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (71/71), done.
    remote: Total 26723 (delta 53), reused 82 (delta 35), pack-reused 26611
    Receiving objects: 100% (26723/26723), 22.56 MiB | 12.26 MiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (16643/16643), done.
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  • v2.27.0

    [2.27.0] - 2024-04-01

    Thanks to: @bugsounet, @crazyscot, @illimarkangur, @jkriegshauser, @khassel, @KristjanESPERANTO, @Paranoid93, @rejas, @sdetweil and @vppencilsharpener.

    This release marks the first release without Michael Teeuw (@michmich). A very special thanks to him for creating MagicMirror and leading the project for so many years.

    For more info, please read the following post: A New Chapter for MagicMirror: The Community Takes the Lead.


    • Output of system information to the console for troubleshooting (#3328 and #3337), ignore errors under aarch64 (#3349)
    • [chore] Add eslint-plugin-package-json to lint the package.json files (#3368)
    • [weather] showHumidity config is now a string describing where to show this element. Supported values: “wind”, “temp”, “feelslike”, “below”, “none”. (#3330)
    • electron-rebuild test suite for electron and 3rd party modules compatibility (#3392)
    • Create MM² icon and attach it to electron process (#3407)


    • Update updatenotification (update_helper.js): Recode with pm2 library (#3332)
    • Removing lodash dependency by replacing merge by spread operator (#3339)
    • Use node prefix for build-in modules (#3340)
    • Rework logging colors (#3350)
    • Update pm2 to v5.3.1 with no allow-ghsas (#3364)
    • [chore] Update husky and let lint-staged fix ESLint issues
    • [chore] Update dependencies including electron to v29 (#3357) and node-ical
    • Update translations for estonian (#3371)
    • Update electron to v29 and update other dependencies
    • [calendar] fullDay events over several days now show the left days from the first day on and ‘today’ on the last day
    • Update layout of current weather indoor values


    • Correct apibase of weathergov weatherprovider to match documentation (#2926)
    • Worked around several issues in the RRULE library that were causing deleted calender events to still show, some
      initial and recurring events to not show, and some event times to be off an hour. (#3291)
    • Skip changelog requirement when running tests for dependency updates (#3320)
    • Display precipitation probability when it is 0% instead of blank/empty (#3345)
    • [newsfeed] Suppress unsightly animation cases when there are 0 or 1 active news items (#3336)
    • [newsfeed] Always compute the feed item URL using the same helper function (#3336)
    • Ignore all custom css files (#3359)
    • [newsfeed] Fix newsfeed stall issue introduced by #3336 (#3361)
    • Changed log.debug to log.log in app.js where logLevel is not set because config is not loaded at this time (#3353)
    • [calendar] deny fetch interval < 60000 and set 60000 in this case (prevent fetch loop failed) (#3382)
    • added message in case where config.js is missing the module.export line PR #3383
    • Fixed an issue where recurring events could extend past their recurrence end date (#3393)
    • Don’t display any npm WARN <....> on install (#3399)
    • Fixed move suncalc dependency to production from dev, as it is used by clock module
    • [compliments] Fix mirror not responding anymore when no compliments are to be shown (#3385)
    • [chore] Fixed mastermerge workflow (#3415)


    • Unneeded file headers (#3358)
    • Removed codecov.yaml
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  • RE: Module for MagicMirror forum

    the use of a csrf token is restricted to admins (as already mentioned by @bugsounet), there is a hack described here to open this for all users but I don’t think we should do this.

    For accessing the read(-only) api you can use a cookie from your browser, e.g.

    curl --cookie "express.sid=xxxxxxx"

    but this would be challenging to use in a module for mm …

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  • RE: Module for MagicMirror forum

    some api urls seem to work without authentication, e.g.

    ❯ curl -s | jq -r '.[].topic.title'
    Default Weather Module Icon Position
    Module for MagicMirror forum
    MMM-Formula1 updates
    MMM-Formula1 updates
    MMM-Formula1 updates
    Live phone location
    Refresh Magic Mirror after custom css changes
    Module for MagicMirror forum
    Refresh Magic Mirror after custom css changes
    Refresh Magic Mirror after custom css changes
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  • RE: MMM-CalendarExt3

    @flemmingss said in MMM-CalendarExt3:

    The “CX3_Shared” folder is empty

    this is the problem which is caused by the strange installation procedure in the used docker image.

    The module installation is done via

    npm init -y
    npm install request --save

    You have to ask the author of this script why he is doing this.

    With this construction the postinstall/postupgrade scripts defined in the package,json of MMM-CalendarExt3 are never called so the CX3_Shared folder is empty.

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  • RE: delete account


    I was able to delete the account.

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  • v2.26.0

    [2.26.0] - 01-01-2024

    Thanks to: @bnitkin, @bugsounet, @dependabot, @jkriegshauser, @kaennchenstruggle, @KristjanESPERANTO and @Ybbet.

    Special thanks to @khassel, @rejas and @sdetweil for taking over most (if not all) of the work on this release as project collaborators. This version would not be there without their effort. Thank you guys! You are awesome!

    This release also marks the latest release by Michael Teeuw. For more info, please read the following post: A New Chapter for MagicMirror: The Community Takes the Lead.


    • Added update notification updater (for 3rd party modules)
    • Added node 21 to the test matrix
    • Added transform object to calendar:customEvents
    • Added ESLint rules for jest (including jest/expect-expect and jest/no-done-callback)


    • Removed Codecov workflow (not working anymore, other workflow required) (#3107)
    • Removed titleReplace from calendar, replaced + extended by customEvents (backward compatibility included) (#3249)
    • Removed failing unit test (#3254)
    • Removed some unused variables


    • Update electron to v27 and update other dependencies as well as github actions
    • Update newsfeed: Use html-to-text instead of regex for transform description
    • Review ESLint config (#3269)
    • Updated dependencies
    • Clock module: optionally display current moon phase in addition to rise/set times
    • electron is now per default started without gpu, if needed it must be enabled with new env var ELECTRON_ENABLE_GPU=1 on startup (#3226)
    • Replace prettier by stylistic in ESLint config to lint JavaScript (and disable some rules for config/config.js* files)
    • Update node-ical to v0.17.1 and fix tests


    • Avoid fade out/in on updateDom when many calendars are used
    • Fix the option eventClass on customEvents.
    • Fix yr API version in locationforecast and sunrise call (#3227)
    • Fix cloneObject() function to respect RegExp (#3237)
    • Fix newsfeed module for feeds using “a10:updated” tag (#3238)
    • Fix issue template (#3167)
    • Fix #3256 filter out bad results from rrule.between
    • Fix calendar events sometimes not respecting deleted events (#3250)
    • Fix electron loadurl locally on Windows when address “” (#2550)
    • Fix updatanotification (update_helper.js): catch error if reponse is not an JSON format (check PM2)
    • Fix missing typeof in calendar module
    • Fix style issues after prettier update
    • Fix calendar test (#3291) by moving “Exdate check” from e2e to electron to run on a Thursday
    • Fix calendar config params fetchInterval and excludedEvents were never used from single calendar config (#3297)
    • Fix MM_PORT variable not used in electron and allow full path for MM_CONFIG_FILE variable (#3302)
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