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    This is an Add-On module to MMM-ProfileSwitcher and is based on MMM-pages and MMM-page-indicator.

    I wanted to be able to specify pages on my mirror but also be able to have different profiles on each page (i.e. i wanted an calendar page where either the events of my wife or my ones are displayed).

    MMM-ProfileControl differs between horizontal profiles (pages) and vertical ones. If you do not specify different vertical profiles the vertical indicator can be hidden and the modules behavior is nearly the same as of MMM-pages.

    The current profile can be changed with different notifications either to a specific horizontal or vertical one or you can iterate through them.

    If you do not like the default icons of the indicators you can change them via configuration.

    The module also keeps track of profile changes that happen through other modules (CHANGED_PROFILE notification).

    Attention: At the moment there are problems with MMM-CalenderExt2. I am already in contact with eouia and i think i found an solution. In my personal setup i use an patched version that works fine.

    Because i only send notifications to MMM-ProfileSwitcher modules that did not work without my module will not work with it.


    Page One / Profile Two

    Page two / Profile one



    Currently the following features are implemented:

    • Horizontal and vertical profile support
    • Indicator of the horizontal and vertical profile
    • All icons (horizontal, vertical, separator) can be changed in the configuration
    • Notifications to change either to a direct profile or rotate horizontal and vertical

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