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Cannot Access via HTTP even on MM Pi Device itself

  • I just installed MM on a Pi 3B that also has PiHole on it. I can access the PiHole HTTP server without issue, but even when connected directly to the Pi console (or via RDP) I am unable to access the website. I am looking to troubleshoot before putting into production, but I’m unable to do so no matter which port I try… Currently the network config section is wide open:
    address: “, ::”,
    port: 88,
    ipWhitelist: [],

    Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you

  • @STS address:“”

    Nothing else

  • Thanks @sdetweil however that doesn’t work for me. Still getting a generic Connection_refused message in Chromium on the actual Pi and no connection from my workstation.

  • @STS you are getting the server startup message, right

    Starting server on port 8080 …

    you could also do temporarliy,
    node serveronly
    instead of npm start
    and it will announce the address as well…

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