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Family Dashboard

  • A tweaked family mirror
    Living in the vicinity of Bern
    image (2).png

    an old Phillips screen, A rasperrypi 4 and twowaymirror from all wrapped up in a selfmade wooden frame.

    module: “clock”,

    module: “calendar”,
    Quite a challenge on this one, since google calendars do not allow family calendars to be shared via URL. Sow aht I did was : feed family calendar to google spreadsheet based on , download it as csv and create an ics with some python magic,store it locally - all run by an hourly cron. then add it as url url: “webcal://localhost:8080/modules/default/calendar/data.ics”

    module: ‘MMM-PIR’,
    to save energy : turn off the screen when no one is near. ordered this from works flawless. I put it under the mirror. done

    module: ‘DailyXKCD’,
    For the geeky daily humor

    module: ‘MMM-SwissStationboard’,
    Next departure, tweaked the config css to have increased numbers and delays are shown in red. very handy and proofed to be of top notch quality . Main feature : greyed out buses I wont reach because it takes me more than 2 minutes to get my shoes on and run to the bus station …

    module: ‘MMM-RemoteTemperature’,
    Added three DHT22 temperature humidity sensors two on a remote pi one on the local pi. they send via a REST PUT a json to MMM-RemoteTemperature ,added three times the module (summed up Klima), the one outside is already dead … the DHT22 got wet I assume…will replace it soon

    module: “MMM-HTMLBox”,
    used to display the local weatherforecast. tweaked a little bit based svg into an iframe

    iframe allowtransparency="true" style="background: #C0C0C0;" <img src=";height=200&amp;t=1573905600" />

    if anyone can give me a hint on how to remove the blue-white background of the SVG, so that I can do a black/white based forecast — will send beer 🍻

    module: “MMM-HTMLBoxDuo”,
    which is a copy of above , just to display the daily and total achievement of the family. kids do now in homeschooling their daily dose of FR and EN and we parents keep up to be number one on the daily scores. The one with the least number has to do the groceries 🙂
    Behind is a nasty python script using python package duolingo tabulate to retrieve the user data , sort it and store it as a local html table which is then read by the module.

    module: ‘MMM-COVID19-SPARKLINE’,
    Some daily update CORONA COVID-19 stats for switzerland , actually I prefer to have there module: “MMM-FunnyHolidays” way more fun

    module: "MMM-AssistantMk2 and module: “MMM-Hotword”,
    voice control, by USB based cheap micro I still stick to MMM-AssistantMK2 V2 since I could not upgrade to v3 kids love to play akinator with the google assistant or look up trivia

    I added a Button wired up to the Pi, added some scripts, based on this excellent how-to

    Thats it folks

    And no, I don’t dare to update my MMM --I’m afraid I’ll break sth 🙂 Never touch a running system

    to Do

    I want to add a selfie cam and face detection … but that is another job for another pandemic event

    Happy to hear your feedback


  • hi, your setup looks great, i was wondering how is it possible to use assistantMk2 V2, ive installed V3 but prefer the layout of V2.


  • @banbutcher since I had a backup of V2 module— just copied the directory back.

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