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Christmas mirror fail

  • Mostly venting here… I’ve spent so much time on my mirror as a Christmas gift for my wife. Last night, after she went to bed, I went to set up the mirror and connect it to my in-law’s wifi and turn it on so it was ready for this morning. My freaking display went out and won’t show anything. I can’t even get it’s menu up. I spent hours last night trying and gave up. I hooked the pi up to a tv and it works fine so it is definitely my display.

    This sucks. Apparently my wife is getting a handmade mirror with a really bulky frame for Christmas.

  • Module Developer

    My sincere sympathy to you! Hope you find a wire loose or something simple like that! Or be able to get a new monitor. More expences, but now you’ve done the “hard” part…

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Explain to her what you’re trying to do… she’ll understand and still love it! 🙂

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