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Help, zero experience, want stock ticker and facial recognition.

  • I have ZERO software programming or hardware engineering experience, I had no idea what API stands for until today. I work in healthcare so I’m somewhat competent but not at all as systematic at processes that programmers are. In college, computer science majors were the people I respected.

    I’m completely willing to buy a raspberry pi and everything else but I think I need step by step instructions for the rest.

    In short, there’s not much to do these days, I would love it if someone would be able to give me step by step directions on how to make a stock ticker magic mirror with other essential data such as weather and time.

    I also saw an example of a model with facial recognition, how cool would it be to have facial recognition so that the mirror can toggle between stock for me and something else for my significant other.

    As a side note, step by step instructions to make an LED stock ticket would be awesome.

  • Hi,
    There are step by step instructions for getting you magicmirror up and running. Once your done, then its just a matter of googling modules you need ie “magicmirrior stock” or something similar or there is a third party mdules on the magic mirror site, which you can trawl through until you find the modules you want.
    I had no experiance of coding when i started , about 3-4 montsh ago, but you soon pick bits up… and theres always people to help you in forum.

  • Module Developer

    It’s all possible and I can only encourage you to buy a Raspberry Pi and get started.
    But beware, it is quite time-consuming.
    It will not be done in days. Rather months.

    But if you find to have a knack or the interest for RasPi, Linux, Javascript and all that stuff it is a REALLY satisfying hobby.

    Go ahead and start with a Raspberry Pi and get it booted. We’ll be here to help.


    Before buying a Pi you could consider installing the mirror on your laptop or any other device (there’s also a Windows installation guide) and see if you like setting it up in the first place.
    You could then transfer it to a RasPi easily!