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MMM-Remote-Control API Questions

  • @Jopyth Hey so i was going through your MMM-Remote-Control API and i had some questions.
    So i am trying to make a python script that detects a swiping motion to then change pages, but since this is a seperatte python script (not in a module), the MMM-pages module cant accept the notifications given to it.
    So the creater of MMM-pages, told me if i had a look at your API i could possible achieve this. but after giving it a thorough read, i was having difficulty figuring it out.

    So essentially i wanted something like this

    def swiper():
      #code here to detect swipe
      if leftSwipe:
        #send a notification to pages to go left
      if rightSwipe:
        #send a notification to pages to go right

  • If you could help me achieve this, or give me some info that could help me do this i would really appreciate it

  • If anyone else who understands the API could help me out i would really appreaciate it as well @sdetweil

  • @sgarg15 so, you need a node_helper for the python script to send the notice to(as it can launch the python script and read the messages) and then the node helper can send the notification up to its modulename.js, which can then send the notification.

    lots of modules work this way, PIR

    MMM-Swipe does this exact thing, which is what I think u want to use

    fork it, change the name, and modify the node_helper to launch your python script and accept your python messages

  • @sdetweil If possible could you please give me an example of how i would do it, i dont know much about js. and i looked at the MMM-Swipe but i couldnt understand much

  • @sgarg15 swipe isn’t a good example after all, uses a library which hides all that… nor PIR…

    your python script needs to run forever and put out messages for each movement it sees…

    then you use the nodejs Python_Shell library to launch it

    import {PythonShell} from 'python-shell';
    let pyshell = new PythonShell('');  // < --- whatever your script name, in the module folder
    // the .on handler gets called each time the pythin script writes a message to stdout
    pyshell.on('message', function (message) {
      // received a message sent from the Python script (a simple "print" statement)
      // send info up to modulename.js
      this.sendSocketNotification("movement", message)

  • @sdetweil This may be a stupid question, but is there any way i can test this on my laptop, without the raspberry pi?

  • @sgarg15 of course. See my comments in .txt file include

    Not the actual node_helper but the code inside. Of course u can install mm on your PC as well

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sdetweil

    var dataFile=["Archer",
    "Archer S01E03Someshow .tv",
    "Archer S01e02Someshow .tv",
    "Archer S01E04Someshow .tv",
    "Archer S01E05someshow .tv",
    "Archer s01E02Someshow .tv",
    "Archer S01E09Someshow .tv",
    var counter1=10
                            var output_list= [];
                            // should make this a config variable by adding to module defaults
                           // then would be this.config.counter
                           // get display limit, 10 if not specified in defaults
                           var counter=counter1 || 10
                            // setup regex, no i  no g (only once, and case sensitive)
                            var splitRegExp = /.*[S][(0-9)]+[E][(0-9)]+/;
                            // loop thru the list of filenames
                            for(filename of dataFile) {
                                // if the name is not zero length (split could have returned for just linefeed
                                if(filename.length >0 && counter >0) {
                                   // get the filename prefix
                                   var split = splitRegExp.exec(filename);
                                   // save name to the output list, as a table entry
                                   // remove space after the ->< , the forum hides everything after unless a space
                                   // table has a row, 
                                   // with data
                                       output_list.push('name not matched '+ filename)
                                   // end of data and row
                            // insert the table into the wrapper
                console.log( "<table>" + output_list.join('')+ "</table>");

    This correct?

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