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Monthly Calendar Add

  • Hey Guys and Girls

    I am working on my first magic mirror and learning the whole command thing…its not going well.
    I have cloned the file and created a config.js file.
    When I go to add Monthly_Calendar (
    My Magic Mirror wont load. I have copied and pasted the command lines to no success.
    I have ran my syntax through but the errors don’t make sense to me, or I cant figure it out.
    When I add the calendar I have “{” on the line before module. I get an error saying it should be “}” as it expects that because of line 27 (Var secion) has a “{”
    I comply and make the switch, error disappears from syntax check, but then it starts asking for semi colons and such.
    When I change Position: to Position; and swap ’ to" I get the following error:
    Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.
    I am adding the module in the way the default modules appear in the config file.

    modules: [
    			module: "alert",
    			module: "updatenotification",
    			position: "top_bar"
    			module: "clock",
    			position: "top_left"
    			module: ‘calendar_monthly’,
    		    position: “top_center”,

    Syntax Errors:

    Three warnings
    97 Expected ‘}’ to match ‘{’ from line 27 and instead saw ‘module’.
    97 Missing semicolon.
    97 Unrecoverable syntax error. (75% scanned).

  • Anybody able to explain what I am doing wrong? I am following the Read ME

  • @StewartBaird86 said in Monthly Calendar Add:

      	module: ‘calendar_monthly’,
          position: “top_center”,

    wrong kind of single and double quotes, note that they are slightly tilted… this is a word processing program quote,
    vs a text editor quote, both are straight up and down

  • @sdetweil THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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