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Multi touch screen conversion panel

  • Hi all,

    I’ve tried searching to see if anyone has talked about this yet, but haven’t seen anything clearly addressing what I’m curious about. So I wanted to through this idea out to see what talks y’alls’ thoughts were.

    This company makes, well, actually what the title is. Touch screen conversion panels. I found them from the YouTube channel touch specialist. Their product is pretty simple, though a little pricey.

    I want to have a touch screen magic mirror, and I’m OK with paying more if it means less work and a more refined result.

    The panel has 2 sides: one is the touch side that should be facing out, and the other is just glass that will go against the TV or monitor you will use.

    Originally I was dying to know if it was possible to apply 2 way mirror film to the back side of the panel and still maintain all functionality. I searched far and wide to see if anyone has tried it here, but didn’t find an answer. (I could also just be unskilled at forums.)

    I’m still very curious to know, hence this post. But since drafting this post, I’ve also come to the conclusion that I could simply apply the film directly to the TV/ monitor I intend to use and then proceed as normal. The only down side to the latter option would be that the mirror finish wouldn’t be flush with the outer most later of glass and possibly causing a double reflection.

    So… What are your thoughts!? I’m dying to know.

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    Probably cheaper to get a ir-frame for your mirror (same technology that the company above uses) and use real two-way mirror glass instead of foil. Then you don’t need extra layers of glass or foil.

  • @broberg Thank you for the suggestion! I’m a complete noob to this whole magic mirror thing, but completely fell in love with the idea.

    IR is infrared correct? I want to be sure to search for the right thing.

    Have you already completed a project ( with or without touch)? If so, what is something you would do differently if you were starting over?

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    @monkepinay I’m in the middle of my build, so no results yet, only thing that is an issue, or may be an issue, is that the glass I ordered lets thru to little light, so it might be hard to see the display in daylight

    My mirror is letting 3% of the light thru, I’ve later, after reading more seen that 12-20% is more optimal for magicmirror-use.

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