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Anyone Use Custom CSS's in VirtualBox?

  • Hello MM Community,

    It’s been a while but I’m brushing off my MM project ideas. I’m doing this with Raspain images in VirtualBox. Was able to load it right up and start playing with some modules but quickly my screen was seeing sections blend with each other. I started looking around on how to change the font and they say to use the CSS. I wasn’t sure if my issues with the CSS settings or does VirtualBox show a “smaller” screen.

    Anyway, anyone else have this kind of question/issue?


  • @clebo99 are u running MM on the virtualbox screen? then yes, itssmaller than normal (1920x1080)
    if u have the network adapter set to bridged, the vb will be on your local network, and u can change the
    config settings to allow outside browsers to connect


    then u can open a browser on your pc to view the MM site… and still view it on the VB screen…

    the normal css is in pixels… I have one for view size (vh and vw) that will scale the ui to fit…

    i run test versions on mac Catalina, Zorin, Ubuntu, and Windows on VMWare workstation, as well as one locally on my PC.

  • Raspain images in VirtualBox

    it’s not a very good solution.

    if you want really use virtualbox (for developing module for example), i suggest you debian linux

    why debian ?

    simply raspbian is a debian based 🙂


    • in my begining of coding for MM i use it and you got a perfect compatibility of packet
    • at now, i use it in desktop (dual boot) and laptop (single boot)

  • @Bugsounet there is a raspian x64

  • This is great everyone. Thanks so much. I’m definitely going to use some of these ideas. Another idea that worked for me was just using the CNTL -/+ commands once I brought it up and that worked really well. Not sure if that works if I restart the image (which I’ll test) but it did work when I stopped/started NPM.

    Again, thanks so much everyone.

  • @clebo99 yes, zoom setting will be remembered

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