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Hide a module by default

  • Hi all,

    I try to modify an existing module to put the fonctionnality for hidden it by default when the mirror start

    explanation : i have the MMM-WiFiPassword configured on the first page, and i want it to not show when the Mirror started, and after that i can ask my assistant to show the wifi for a period.

    I know i can hide it manually with RemoteControl, but i really want it to be Hidden at the start of the mirror.

    have you an idea to help me ?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Burnallover in whatever function in the modulename.js


    will hide the module
    and then check in the getDom() and only return an empty div (return the wrapper with nothing in it)

  • @sdetweil thank for your response ! 🙂

    I already tried to put something like that on function :

    if (this.config.hide) {

    but i need some help for the getDom() part, i’m sorry i’m not a developper, can you give me an example of what it should be? sorry for my english, i’m french…

  • @Burnallover getDom() needs to return something, but u don’t want your content displayed. so

    hidden: false, 
    suspend: function(){
    restore: function(){
    notificationReceived: function(notification, payload, source){
       // this comes before the first call to getDom()
       if(notification === "ALL_MODULES_STARTED")
    getDom: function (){
    var wrapper=document.createElement('div')
         //create normal content
    return wrapper;

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