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1 server, 2 mirrors

  • Sorry if this is a repeated question, but it is difficult to search for my query, mainly because “2 mirror” kind of clashes with “magic mirror 2” lol

    Up until now, I’ve been running a mirror for a few months already without any major issue. I run the server as a Docker image on a rpi4 with one dummy browser attached to it. Now I want to have a second mirror upstairs with a totally different layout, so my question is: I’m I better off creating another Docker instance or can I pass on a configuration file of some sort through the url?

    For example: => first mirror, picks up the default config => second mirror, combines default + custom ‘upstairs’ conf.

    Is this possible? My preferred solution would be to use the same instance because I’ll be using the same API credentials for some stuff (and the same engine behind it), so I would like to have my configs on 1 place, otherwise I’ll just create another instance listening to another port.


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