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Telegram display message sent

  • Re: Compliments via Telegram
    TLDR; - I want to put single line messages in the center of the screen briefly, sent from a webpage or something, saw this and thought telegram would be awesome 🙂
    Hi, Im currently setting up a magic mirror for a school (I have one at home and love it:) ) but without the mirror, its in reception and not putting the tinted glass, want to be able to display things like next person to accounts, please wait, whatever they need, using compliments to display welcome etc, and im using rss for Covid19 updates…everyone has to cue outside and just want to make things easier, theres a screen and i have a pi 🙂

    (full disclosure I do IT at the client but this is to help them with changing for covid…no charge for anything) couldnt find a free software to do this…

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